Recent developments in bioscience research hold the promise of integrating knowledge to understand complete biological systems rather than just isolated components. They not only offer unprecedented opportunities for addressing important contemporary issues in biotechnology, biomedicine and clinical practice, but also give rise to major ethical questions. This Conference will focus on these technologies and their applications in science and healthcare.

The Consortium for Post-Genome Science is a cross-institutional initiative designed to accelerate developments in post-genome science and technology for the benefit of scientists, clinicians and companies.

Following the last hugely successful conference, in March 2006, the Consortium is proud to announce its fourth conference in this series, to be held at the Manchester Central Convention Complex starting at midday on the 17th March and finishing on 19th March 2008.

Confirmed Speakers are:

Robert Huber FRS (Martinsried and Cardiff)

Tom Gingeras (Affymetrix)

Greg Elgar (QMUL)

Manolis Dermitzakis (Sanger, Hinxton)

Sam Hanash (Seattle)

Ruedi Aebersold (Zurich)

Mike Gillette (Broad, MIT)

Walter Kolch (Glasgow)

Matej Oresic (VTT Finland)

Jules Griffin (Cambridge)

John Haselden (GSK, Herts)

John Griffiths (Cambridge)

John Mattick (Brisbane)

Luis Serrano (Barcelona)

Mike Hucka (CalTech, Pasadena)

Nicolas Le Novère (EBI, Hinxton)

Ursula Kummer (EML, Heidelberg)

Hiroaki Kitano (SBI, Tokyo)

Gene-Wei Li (Harvard)

Brahim Lounis (Bordeaux)

David Klenerman (Cambridge)

Ruben Gonzalez (Columbia, NY)

Larry DeLucas (Birmingham, AL)

James Naismith (St Andrews)

Stephen Cusack (EMBL, Grenoble)

Ian Wilson (Scripps)

Anne Dell (ICL)

Rob Beynon (Liverpool)

Blagoy Blagoev (Denmark)

Simon Hubbard (Manchester)

Alfonso Valencia (CNB, Madrid)

Lynette Hirschman (MITRE)

Jun’ichi Tsujii (Tokyo and Manchester)

Andrey Rzhetsky (Columbia)

John Heidelberg (USC)

Jed Fuhrman (USC)

Ian Joint (PML, Plymouth)

Francisco Rodriguez-Valera (Alicante)

Ron Breaker (Yale)

James Ferrell (Stanford)

Mike White (Liverpool)

Olivier Pourquie (Kansas City)

Andrew Millar (Edinburgh)

Bélá Novak (Oxford)

Craig Crews (Yale)

Mike Ferguson (Dundee)

Matthew Bogyo (Stanford)

Nick Westwood (St Andrews)

Sanjay Sisodiya (UCL)

Mia Wadelius (Uppsala)

Ann Daly (Newcastle)

Caroline Lee (Singapore)

Masaru Tomita (Tokyo)

Steve Oliver (Cambridge)

Matthias Reuss (Stuttgart)

David Richardson (Norwich)

John Quackenbush (Harvard)

Ernst Wit (Lancaster)

Wolfgang Huber (EBI)

Enrico Petretto (ICL)

François Radvanyi (CNRS – Institut Curie)

Rene Bernards (The Netherlands Cancer Institute)

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale (Oslo, Norway)

Alex Graham (AstraZeneca)

Hans Westhof (Manchester)

Sam Griffiths-Jones (Manchester)

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